Who We are

Philippians 4:13 – “I Can Do All Things Through Christ which strengtheneth Me”

This blog is to help and support the people in distress through online study material available on the blog, we also provide related books and material online for sales which you can purchase through subscription on our website.

Our vision and mission are accomplished by unconditionally surrendering to and seeking the leadership of our lord Jesus Christ. 

We believe in the Bible The Book of Promises The Living Word of God.

As I was pondering on the topic that I would like to take up as blog post, I thought it would be best to learn the essential elements of our Holy Bible “

In the following blogs, we shall be looking at what Bible tell us about the essence of Christian life, and what kind of people we might hope to become in a community where these things are done.

We will be helping by giving personal coaching, training, and supplying physical material and books on positive approach towards daily life available online on our website.

You can either buy online or send an email request.

Kindly keep me and my family and our ministry in your prayers.

For His Glory