Merry Christmas

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Every year, as Christmas approaches, shops on the street arrange displays of Christmas presents, Christmas trees, Christmas Greetings and people in cold countries dress as Santa Clause and distribute gifts and cakes to spread the message of love and brotherhood on Christmas and so on. Cities and buildings are decorated with lanterns and colored hangings, and everywhere there is joy and excitement. 

Today we know Christmas in all glamorous ways of celebration but do we know God’s love and His will for us that was actually hidden behind the birth of the Lord Jesus?

We will focus on one word found in Matthew 1:23. It is a Hebrew word, Emmanuel. Actually it is three words compounded into one word: ”With us God.” God with us! It is an amazing word! It is a very precious word. I hope that the Lord will speak to our hearts today.

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As we think about the word Emmanuel, let us think about the Coming of our Lord in a three-fold way. First, He DID COME, over 1900 years ago into this world. Second, He IS COMING, daily, hourly, unto us who believe on Him, in spirit, into our spirit, revealing Himself to our hearts. Finally, He SHALL COME in His glorified body, this same Jesus, back to this earth again. He is going to be seeking for something precious to his own heart and for people who are precious unto Him.

”Jesus has come, moreover, not as a blaze which will soon die down, but as a light which will last our day, yea, last forever. After the long dark and cold night of our misery, the Lord comes in the fittest and most effectual manner; neither as lightning, nor candle, nor flaming meteor, but as the sun which begins the day… The visits of God are like the day spring, because they end our darkness. The day spring banishes the night… Our night is ended once for all when we behold God visiting us in Jesus Christ. Our day may cloud over, but night will not return. O, you that are in the blackest midnight, if you can but get a view of Christ, morning will have come to you!” 

The message of the birth of Christ should be proclaimed to everyone. This commission is given to everyone who has accepted Christ and become his follower. Let us accept the challenge of world Evangelist in our generation and multiply our efforts to save souls.

In His Glory,

Merry Christmas Everyone