God bless you at Easter and Always.

God loves his children so much that he will put them in situations where they have nothing left but his glory to rely on. We are celebrating an event that over a billion people around the world are gathering this day to celebrate an event more people will cheer than the Oscars.

Yes, my friends God is there to help us all in the time of this great Pandemic attack on humanity not only in terms of physical health but also financial health.

I pray and respect for all those who have lost their near and dear one’s due to this pandemic attack. May God be with you and your family.

In Holy Spirit I pray God will bless you all.

Easter is a feast that commemorates Christ’s resurrection. What does his resurrection mean for us? Can we really believe that we will live after we die? St. Paul explains what it means in the resurrection of the dead.

What we fail to recognize is the purpose of Jesus’ resurrection. His resurrection is our hope for our resurrection.

Why we are telling people to believe in Christ Jesus if the consequence is the same in everyday life.

So, my friends Christ has been raised from the dead and hence It is the hope of the resurrection that leads to the changed life. So, this life is important except and we must use this life to prepare for the coming new life. 

Let us follow book of Matthew chapter 25 verse 31 to 46 what Jesus taught that the way how we act now and what we do toward others determines our eternal destiny.