A Prayer For the Spirit of Believing Prayer

While we deliberate, he reigns.

When we decide wisely, he reigns.

When we decide foolishly, he reigns.

When we serve him humbly, loyally, he reigns.

When we serve him self-assertively, he reigns.

When we rebel and seek to withhold our services, he reigns.

Let Us Pray

Heavenly father, who hast said that all things are possible to believing prayer, pour into our spirits such complete faith, that what we ask in Thy Name shall be given to us.

Grant us such a passion for prayer that nothing will prevent us pleading the desires that Thou Thyself has put into our hearts.

We are sure that if we could pray this way, every other precious thing would come with it.

Give it to us! For our Savior’s sake.


10 Ways to Avoid Porn (and COVID-19) When You Work from Home

COVID-19 has changed everyday life for all of us. Although Covenant Eyes has always had a strong work-at-home culture, with employees all over the country, we know this isn’t true for all professionals. The idea of working from home is new for some, and brings with it new challenges and opportunities.

With this influx of employees shifting from office to home work environments, we cannot help but see an increased temptation to watch porn. Without the public setting of a work office, you may find yourself alone in a room at home, with nobody to look over your shoulder and hold you accountable to what you are viewing online.

We want to help you! If you’re stuck at home for the next few weeks, here are our top 10 ways to avoid porn. And, well, COVID-19 while you’re at it.

1. Work in an open Space

This can be difficult to do, especially if you have children home from school. Find a space in your home that is “in the light.” This could be a kitchen table, open-door office, living room with desk space. Work in a place where someone could see you if you are watching porn. You will feel less tempted to do so!

2. Take up a Hobby

So you’re going to be home—a lot. Because you will be spending less hours in a public work setting, you may find yourself with time on your hands. What will you do with this boredom? Well, instead of using your extra free time to watch pornography, we suggest you learn a new hobby (or invest in one you already have!). Try a new recipe, start a new book, learn a new card game with your children—the options are truly endless!

3. Use your phone to Communicate

Normally, we at Covenant Eyes wouldn’t encourage you to “use your phone!”, but as in-person contact with others is limited, we need accountability with others more than ever. If you’re feeling tempted to watch porn, call a friend, or ally (there’s a good chance they’re working from home, too)! Call a family member or anyone whom you feel comfortable with sharing your struggles. You can even send them a quick text, if it’s easier. Use your phone to communicate with those who will hold you accountable while you sit at home.

4. Keep a steady Routine

When I work from home, I have found that it is essential that I keep my daily routine, as if I were going into the office. This means waking up at the same time, showering, drinking my usual cup of coffee, and starting work at my normal hours. I encourage you to do the same. By maintaining a routine, you will be less prone to slip-ups.

5. Go Outside!

Spring is almost here, and if you live in a warmer climate, spring is already here! If you are able, take frequent breaks from being indoors. Walk the dog, take the trash out, or just go sit on your front porch for a few minutes. A breath of fresh air and bright sunlight will do you good, especially if you are struggling with the temptation to watch porn.

6. Clean the House

In my home, this is something that always needs to be done. Whether you have kids or not, the toilet could always use a good scrubbing! Put some headphones in, crank up your favorite tunes, and get to cleaning! It provides a great distraction for the other things (watching porn) you could be doing, and it will provide you with a sense of satisfaction.

COVID-19 is another great reason to clean your house anyways, so let that motivate you. Goodbye, germs!

7. Finish that DIY Project!

Being stuck at home is the perfect opportunity to finish those projects you have had sitting around for weeks (or months, if you’re me). Take the time you would have spent driving into work, and put that last coat of paint on your walls, or put together the half-assembled piece of furniture in your garage.

8. Exercise

Your local gyms and Crossfit centers might be closed, but you can still workout and move your body within the confines of your own home! If you have kids, take them for a run with you. They’re going to need to use their pent-up energy somehow! Participate in physical exercise for 30 minutes a day, if possible. I have found that even a quick, 10-minute jog in the mornings boosts my day and leaves me feeling more focused and positive.

9. Pray

This might be the easiest tip of them all! As you feel tempted while working from home, pray. And because you may find yourself more tempted than usual, pray often. One of the many beauties of prayer is that it can be done whenever, wherever, 24/7. COVID-19 cannot stop it. While you are in prayer, pray for others as well. There is no better time than now to lift up our world to God and ask for wisdom, peace, and healing. In the midst of this chaos, do not forget that we serve a mighty God who does answer our prayers!

10. Serve Others

Believe it or not, you can still serve from the confines of your home! There are so many people likely to find themselves in great need over the next few weeks. Meals on Wheels delivers freshly prepared meals to senior citizens living on their own. Food banks are stocking up to serve out-of-school children the meals that they aren’t able to afford at home. Check your local news coverage to see who needs what in your area, and step up! Serving others will give you a long-lasting satisfaction—far greater than any amount of porn!

Remember, working from home can be a challenge. It can be an avenue for temptation. If and when you prepare to do so, do not give up hope. Take the steps necessary in your home life to avoid porn and stay on the road of freedom. And, if you’re not using Covenant Eyes yet, now more than ever is the right time to get started.